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Now I don’t know what part of the world you live in but I live in the US. So what you’re saying with this is by me not being a feminist I will have my voting rights taken away and will have to be accompanied by a man everywhere. That sort of thing does not happen here and never really has, even before the women’s rights movement women did not need the constant company of a man. Places like Saudi Arabia have this in their society, so how does me supporting the feminism movement in the first world prevent or fix issues such as these in the rest of the world? Some feminists act like us women need this huge guard up or the big bad patriarchy will come take our lives away. If you want to go out and start a group that directly helps women who are being oppressed, discriminated against, etc. then all the power to you and I support you but if you’re a feminist here in the western world who backs up your whole mantra with nonsensical reasons such as, “This is happening here, so I personally need feminism where I am” when in reality you’re doing nothing to help the world. This is why first world feminism is seen as such a joke, you use the suffering of others to validate your own interests. So this answer is irrelevant and only shows how out of touch some feminists are.